November 23, 2020 1 min read

Dear friends,

What an incredible year of discovery! Are you guys exhausted by all the change in the world? I know I am.

But, it’s our birthday and Small Business Saturday weekend, so I just simply can’t let this year get me down. It’s our TENTH anniversary! We made it!!! Woohoo!!

Let’s safely celebrate with one another, commiserate together and support each other as we enter this loving holiday season.



Monira Silk
Monira Silk

Our fearless leader, Monira, founded reBlossom in 2010 after her daughters Miriam (10) & Nadine (8) were born. She was a photojournalist turned ESOL teacher, so why not start a business dedicated to families making the transition to parenthood? The Silks love to travel, explore nature and play dress-up with their dog, Sweet Pete, and their chatty cat, Gabby. True story: the first words her husband ever said to her were, "Will you marry me" in Arabic!