September 21, 2020 2 min read

Dear friends,

I'm so happy to introduce you to Elizabeth, one of our behind-the scenes mamas that makes reBlossom the special place that it is, even virtually!

This year has been my hardest year in business in the last ten years. It's been harder than the year in which I had a baby and came back to work 3.5 weeks after birth, harder than the years in which we moved the shop from one building to another, harder than the year the tree branch knocked me out and I had to recover from a fractured neck & concussion, and probably *just* as hard as ALL the years I struggled with postpartum anxiety.

Being inside a closed & quiet shop has been very difficult for me. Some days the memories of how lively and warm and loving our open center was has made me feel like I am in mourning.

However, I have enjoyed the wonderful energy and camaraderie of our small staff as we try to prep the shop for the change in season. We now have things like socks and fall shoes and clothing on our website and are adding more every day!

In a limited capacity, we are finally opening by appointment, for customers who mask up & sanitize/wash their hands upon arrival.

We ask for adults to come solo, unless babies are in arms or contained in a stroller/car seat. If you need to shop with your children, no problem! Just call ahead and tell us what you want to see and we'll load up the back porch with goodies for you to shop from. We have helped dozens of families in this capacity, especially when trying on shoes!

I'm so very thankful for your continued support of our little mama-baby shop. We are nothing without your help!

Hope to see you one day soon!

Sending love & light,


Monira Silk
Monira Silk

Our fearless leader, Monira, founded reBlossom in 2010 after her daughters Miriam (10) & Nadine (8) were born. She was a photojournalist turned ESOL teacher, so why not start a business dedicated to families making the transition to parenthood? The Silks love to travel, explore nature and play dress-up with their dog, Sweet Pete, and their chatty cat, Gabby. True story: the first words her husband ever said to her were, "Will you marry me" in Arabic!