Lamaze Birth Class

January 24 - February 2, 2020
March 6-April 3, 2020
May 15-June 12, 2020
5- week session
Meets Fridays from 6:30-9 pm
*Must register online by the Thursday before the class*
Cost: $125

Is This Class for Me?


If you or your partner are expecting a child, YES! This 5-session class on Friday evenings is perfect for busy moms and dads-to-be. It meets the needs of both first-time parents and those who have had a prior birth experience.


What Will I Learn?


Lamaze Birth Education believes:

  • Birth is normal, natural and healthy.

  • Women have an innate ability to give birth.

  • The experience of birth profoundly affects women and their families.

  • Women's confidence and ability to give birth is either enhanced or diminished by the care provider and place of birth.

  • Women have the right to give birth free from routine medical interventions.

  • Birth can safely take place in homes, birth centers and hospitals.

  • Lamaze childbirth education empowers women to make informed choices in healthcare and take responsibility for their health, and to trust their innate ability to give birth.


When is the Course Offered?


This 5-session course is offered on Fridays from 6:30-9 pm.


How Do I Reserve My Space in This Class?


Purchase your class on the link above!


If you have any questions, please contact reBlossom at 706-549-8900 or email


A Little More About Lucia
Lucia Massey is a certified Hypnobirthing educator, a certified Lamaze educator, a certified birth doula and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She has 35 years of hospital experience as a respiratory therapist, working with premature infants, and breastfeeding mothers. 
She is very passionate about working with mothers and babies and for continuous support of new families. She wants them to feel supported during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She leads By Your Leave doula & lactation services and provides breastfeeding support on Wednesdays and Saturdays at reBlossom Mama & Baby Center. 


Questions? Please call us at 706-549-8900 :) 
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