Midwives, OBGYN, and Other Women's Health Resources

  • The mission of Atlanta Birth Center is to provide women and their families with seamless, patient-centered, evidence-based care that leads to improved health outcomes.

  • Services Include: midwifery/gynecology, prenatal & postpartum care, lactation & nutrition, birth services including water births, support groups & counseling, chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture therapy.

  • Phone: 404-474-2770

  • Email: info@atlantabirthcenter.org

Home Grown Birth

Missi Burgess, CPM

Home birth midwifery services in Atlanta and Athens

Phone: 678-602-8087

Email: midwife@homegrownbirth.com

  • Our Providers: Sunil Alexander, M.D., Anthonia Anukam, CNM, Sandra Brown, CNM, FNP-C, Cassie Campbell, M.D., Ruby Cheves, M.D., Megan Cole, CNM, Susan Doyle, CNM, Delrose Francis-Dyett, CNM, Susan Fisher, CNM, Sarah Hamilton, FNP-C, Monica Ketchie, DNP, Tanya Owens, CNM, Larisa Pearlman, M.D., Paula Sisler, CNM, and Angela Vaden, CNM

  • Offers compassionate, mother-centered care. We've been providing warm, personalized healthcare for women since 1976. Centering Pregnancy Program

  • Phone: 706-475-5700

  • Alexa Clay, Meredith Turner & Hillary Midler, CNMs; Dr. Leach, Dr. Allen, Dr. Lowman & Dr, Millan

  • Provides comprehensive prenatal care, attentive labor and satisfying birth experience

  • Phone: 706-369-0019

  • Email: midwifealexaclay@gmail.com

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