What is the Mom Squad?

The Mom Squad is your source of support, assistance, and encouragement before and after baby. 

Mothering can be exciting. It can also be lonely and challenging. When you need advice, perspective, or practical arms and legs to serve you in your time of need,

Mom Squad is here for YOU with heart, hope, and experience. 


How do we squad?

In today’s society, and in our transient college town, many families are living without their extended families. Including some of us. We understand the need for safe, trustworthy support.

We are here to support parents in our community.

We meet mamas and papas where they are in their parenting journey.


We offer simple and practical education for parents; the skills and tricks that will make life easier.


We provide resources mamas and papas need.


Most valuable of all, we serve you with continuous emotional, physical and informational support to lift you, encourage you, and calm you.


Our Services

We are a kaleidoscope of professional and personal experiences, backgrounds and beliefs.


We believe that all mamas need a loving guide by their side.


We believe that mothering can be a beautiful and shared experience.

We believe that no mama should feel alone or judged.

Contact Us 

You can do this!


You are not alone.

Let us be your village. 

Email us at Monira@reBlossomAthens.com or call (706) 549-8900 Monday-Saturday to schedule a service.


Julia was so awesome!

She was so helpful, what a treat it was to have her come by.

She also sent a follow up email with a ton of ideas and tips.

Thanks so much for sending her.

Mom Squad rules!

- Jenny

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