Lilies & Roses Astronaut Necklace

This astronaut necklace is ready for space travel. Made from acrylic with glitter accents, this necklace will add a fun touch to any outfit.

100% acrylic charm
Made in Brazil

Lilies & Roses NY was created by Lilian Moura, who started with children’s clothing, but later fell in love with accessories and all their possibilities.

100% Handmade in Brazil, using acrylic as the main material, Lilies & Roses offers a selection of hair accessories and jewelry for kids of all ages. The unique, colorful line has cute, fun designs that include clips, headbands, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Launched in New York 15 years ago, Lilies & Roses NY has become a favorite stop for buyers at fashion trade shows and is now featured in many USA and global kids’ boutiques.

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