Paty Kid Face Mask Cover - White

Get creative & tie dye or paint your mask like some of our customers did (pics attached).

These washable masks are manufactured from 100% woven cotton and are pleated with an interior pocket to insert a replaceable filter. 

Please note that our Paty Face Mask Cover is not intended to be a replacement for a properly fitted N95 respirator.

Placement: - Mask should be placed over the nose and mouth, fitting snugly, but comfortably, against the side of the face. - Ensure the elastic portion is at the top and the pocket edge is on the inside.

Care Instructions: - Remove and discard filter after one use. We do not currently offer replacement filters. If you don’t have access to a non-woven polypropylene material, household items like a coffee filter or air filter, will work as a replacement filter. Please note, even without a filter, your Paty Mask is double layered, and meets the CDC requirements for Cloth Face Covering Guidelines. Hand washing with soap and warm water is the best way to clean your mask. - Lay mask out to dry.

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