Play&Go Bag, 2-in-1 Play Mat + Toy Storage - L.A. Map

Is toy storage full of drama in your home? Discover the Play&Go bag!

This practical bag is ideal for kids and parents as it encourages play at home or away. The Play & Go bag makes it easy to transport toys and to tidy them away. Crafted from durable canvas and available in a range of attractive colors, this bag is also great for nursery and playroom storage. When kids use the Play&Go, it motivates them to clean up and to throw the toys into the bag!


- diameter 55.12 inch

- 70% cotton

- 30% polyester

- double side printed

- Can approx. carry 33lb

About Play&Go:

A Belgian based creative company offering clever, colorful and inspiring products for you,
your kids and your home, Play&Go understands just how important fun and creative play is for
kids. They design and craft quality products that will make kids happy, and put a smile on
everyone’s face! With Play&Go you can be sure you are buying quality products that will last a long time and offer great value for your money.


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