Storytime Toys "Hansel & Gretel" Book and Play Set

Storytime Toys is women-owned and founded by MIT engineer/designer Kara Dyer and RISD artist Sara Argue. Storytime Toys’ mission is to preserve old-fashioned, screen-free playtime by harnessing the immense power of story.

"Bake" the Witch's gingerbread house, covered with colored candies and cookies. Hansel and Gretel cannot resist exploring this delicious toy house, which also has a candy garden. Read the included storybook and then use the Hansel, Gretel, Witch and Gingerbread dolls to act out your own version of the tale.

  • Made of lightweight EVA foam and high quality card stock, no tools or screws required.  
  • Best for children ages 3+
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