The Bird & Elephant Wood Teether - Pink Bird


Wood teethers are great for babies as young as 3 months, who can grip the fabric tails (or bunny ears) to help rest the wood ring in their mouth. Detach the fabric to machine wash in cold with an eco-friendly detergent, then tumble or line dry. Hand wash the wood ring, never keep submerged in hot dishwater or clean in a dishwasher.

Teething ring: 2.5 inches

WOOD TEETHER FINISH: Treated (organic olive oil + beeswax ) Untreated ( raw, natural wood) Care: Remove wood teething ring (hand-wash only, NOT dishwasher safe). To preserve the brightness of colors and for baby's health, wash the lovey blanket in cold water using a good detergent without brighteners, such as most enviro-friendly detergent. Line dry.

SAFETY: We always want to be mindful of anything we get for baby. This toy is sewn with much care and love. This toy should only be given to baby under adult supervision. Never leave this with baby unattended, especially while asleep. WHY

THE BIRD & ELEPHANT PRODUCTS: * Baby tested * Reinforced seams Items are constructed to withstand use and wash. * Made by a mom inspired by her little ones. * Independently made in the USA..

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