ZOOCCHINI Kids Organic Panties - Days of the Week 7 pc Set

Done potty training? Congratulations, these super soft organic panties are just what your child needs! Plus, keep the underwear drawers organized, and start teaching your little ones to read the days of the week! Made from super soft cotton spandex stretch jersey using GOTS Certified, Organic Control Standard OCS100, Control Union Certified ORGANIC COTTON, these underwear sets are playful and functional. 7 cute characters, 1 for each day of the week, with a turn me around feature on back! Fun bright colors and quirky prints make getting dressed more fun! This 7-pack is a must-have everyday essential. Practical yet fun, the cozy and adorably sweet panty sets are the next step in undies. Super comfortable in organically grown cotton with a soft fully elastic waistband. ZOOCCHINI's organic childrens underwear provide you with the quality, design, flexibility and durability you are looking for. Makes a great everyday gift!

Machine wash.

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