Siblings: Their Squabbles, Your Sanity

with Lisa King & Beth Staton of

April 10, 1-2:30 PM
Early bird special $30 if you pre-register by Tuesday, 4/5
$35 if you register 4/6-4/10
Class limit 14. 
Description & Details

Join's Lisa King & Beth Staton for this in-depth class about sibling behavior and how to improve your relationship with your child(ren)! 

Early bird special $30 if you pre-register by Tuesday, 4/5
$35 if you register 4/6-4/10
Please call (706) 549-8900 Tuesday-Saturday to reserve your spot. Class limit 14. This class is on Sunday, April 10 from 1-2:30 pm.

Are you and your kid stuck in a cycle of “NO”? 

If you have a sibling baby, come now! Laying the groundwork starts early. But it’s never too late, either. Some of this stuff is so easy you’ll wanna slap me. But it works! 

How to Participate
About the Facilitator

About Lisa King:
I developed a love for challenging behaviors while working at Emory Autism Resource Center’s Walden Early Childhood Programs where I provided both in-home client training and school-based interventions for kids with autism spectrum disorders and typically-developing peers. It was here I had my behavioral “Aha!” moment which led me toward becoming a certified teacher which allowed me to spend my days helping kids learn to manage the behaviors that were impeding their progress toward becoming functional, independent, and, most importantly, happy. 

After earning my Masters of Science in Special Education from the University of Southern Maine, I worked with students with a variety of exceptionalities such as autism, Down Syndrome, emotional behavioral disorders, and intellectual disabilities in both self-contained and inclusion classes. I am certified in early childhood education and behavior disorders and trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. When I moved from teaching self-contained special education to collaborative teaching and began teaching typically-developing kids alongside my identified kids, I noticed how the behavior management systems and language I’d been using were like cutting through butter with a hot knife with my typical kids. 

In 13 years of teaching, I have seen a broad range of maladaptive behaviors both minor and severe cause stress in homes and classrooms. Setting kids and families free of inappropriate behaviors is a passion for me and there’s nothing I love more than having parents tell me how much more peaceful their homes and routines are after implementing successful behavior modifications.

Questions? Please call us at 706-549-8900 :) 
Tuesday - Friday 9:30-6, Saturday 10-5

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