Convert Your Nursing Bras Into Regular Ole Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holders

Hi dear friends!


Some of you may know that my favorite nursing bra EVER is Bravado's Body Silk Seamless. I KNEW it was a good one when I rolled over to fall asleep the first night I wore mine and FORGOT to take it off. It was THAT comfy.


After years of hearing my mom complain about her underwire bras I asked her to try one on.

She was hooked (quite literally) immediately. She said, "Get me three more, I will never wear another bra in my life!" 


I also still wear mine, and I stopped nursing three years ago. They really are fantabulous!


But what I never, ever have tried was converting them to regular bras! If you don't want a hefty nursing clasp to adorn your bras long after you've ended your nursing relationship with your sweet little one, never fear! 

Our most tenured shop mama, Tiffany, is here to share with you how to convert your Bravado Body Silk Seamless into a regular ole over-the-shoulder boulder holder!


Thanks Tiff! And thanks to Dana for telling us how easy it would be!

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