Who is the Mom Squad?

The Mom Squad is your source of support, assistance, and encouragement before and after baby. Whether this is your first child or your fifth, our unique approach is designed to lift and empower you throughout this transformative transition.

Mothering can be exciting. It can also be lonely and challenging. When you need advice, perspective, or practical arms and legs to serve you in your time of need,

Mom Squad is here for YOU with heart, hope, and experience.


Julia Uptagrafft

Julia is a mother of two fiercely independent and quite entertaining children. She believes that new moms with infants, along with their partners, need lots of support and encouragement.

Her goal is to honor a woman’s sacred journey into motherhood which is often a big adjustment

from life without kids or to life with many kids. Julia was drawn to working with moms during the postnatal period because of the unique emotional and physical needs after birth and to help promote the mama-baby bond that is so essential. She is a CAPPA trained postpartum doula currently working towards certification.

Julia also has a steady yoga and meditation practice, loves hiking in the mountains, learning about essential oils and making homemade soup.

Super Powers: Soothing & calming presence, listening and not-judging, and recovering socks the

dryer ate.

Heather Moniz

Heather is a native Floridian and former scientist, saxophone player and taekwondo instructor. Heather is now a stay-at-home mom of three awesome and adventurous kiddos (ages 1 and 4.5), yes that means she's a twin mama. 


She experienced the birth of her twins and survived being a NICU mom for several weeks afterward & successfully transitioned them from bottle feeding to feeding at the breast at by 3 months. Heather has created a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and lifehacks that she happily shares.


She is thrilled to be given an opportunity, as part of The Mom Squad, to empower and encourage other mamas and their families!

Super Powers: Extended nursing of three children, pumping, babywearing. She is a master of multitasking, and a queen of telling it like it is in the most respect-filled way. 

Lillian Brown

Lillian is a mother of two sweet and mischievous babies, a girl named Charlotte & a boy named Samuel. Lillian is a master at juggling life. As a school teacher-turned mama, she deeply understands what it takes to love and care for our little ones while trying to teach them to be lifelong learners.


Lillian has a heart for listening, arms that will care for you and your little one, and a soul determined to give you the encouragement and inspiration you need to persevere. She loves to bake, knit, hike & write. 

Super Powers: Being a flexible mama (life happens), listening to your heart, bursting out with the most incredible laugh, holding space for your thoughts and emotions, knitting amazingness without a pattern, and keeping calm no matter what. 

Monira Silk

Monira launched reBlossom after the birth of her first baby. At her core, she understands that mamas need each other along this journey. She lives this every day.

Monira’s commitment to serving Athens and surrounding communities led her to create reBlossom’s Center; offering tailor-made classes and support groups for mamas, papas, and grandparents because she is determined to reach every parent she can with the love, information, and practical support we all need as we learn to care for our little ones.


Monira understands that mamas and papas need physical tools to help them through their parenting journey, so she carefully curates every single item sold in reBlossom’s shop. 


Before opening reBlossom, Monira was a photojournalist and an ESOL teacher, two jobs she loved because of her desire to serve her community and help families in transition. She is now the founder and owner of reBlossom, a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.


For several years Monira has dreamed of the Mom Squad; a group of skilled superhero mamas with amazing empathy and a desire to support and equip mamas and papas with the tools they need to lead happier, healthier lives.

Super Powers: Creating work-life balance, understanding postpartum anxiety and sleeplessness, connecting people to people, and balancing on rollerskates with two girls glued to her legs.

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When needing Mom Squad services, we "dispatch" the Supermom that has the soonest availability and/or expertise given the specific need.

Our Mom Squad offers very important services, but we should not be used in place of a medical professional. If you have an emergency please see your care provider(s). If you need help finding a doctor, therapist or other expert we would be glad to help you. 

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