Fertility Roadblocks

Saturday, March 18th from 2-3pm

Studies have shown that up to 80% of couples having trouble conceiving were able to conceive naturally by just making changes in diet, lifestyle, and environment. Come discover the most common roadblocks to fertility along with the most helpful diagnostic testing and best next steps when you aren’t conceiving as fast as you’d like.

Bring a pen and paper for notes. The class will start with educational content and end with time for Q & A.

This class is a benefit for Athens Parent Wellbeing.


About Kayla Clark

Kayla Clark is the Fertility Health Coach behind Fruitful Fertility. Her passion is empowering coupled to take control of their fertility and hormonal health through educational services. As a Fertility Health Coach, Kayla has helped couples overcome fears, navigate diagnoses, advocate for patient care, and aided in miscarriage care. To date, every one of Kayla’s individual coaching clients has successfully conceived. Her favorite part of the job is getting a front row view of the beauty and complexity in the stories of her clients. Kayla sees her job as an honor and looks forward to each new journey.